• Discover McKinney uptown apartments Spectacular Downtown Views such as Trolley access, a beautiful 3rd floor pool, walking distance to West Village, a roof top fitness center, controlled access and parking garage, a pet-friendly community, and spectacular views of the central Dallas downtown area.

    Surrounded by picturesque urban landscapes, the McKinney uptown apartments Spectacular Downtown Views is at the center of Lemmon Avenue, N Hall Street and Noble Avenue beside Walgreens and adjacent to Breadwinners Café and Bakery, So & So’s a laid back hub for American fare and drinks, and Dear Clark Hair Studio.

    The McKinney Uptown Apartments complex is strategically located south of Highland Park. It is close to significant landmarks such as the nearby West Village, the farther Dallas World Trade Center and the Dallas Market Center to the west, the Trinity River to the southwest, and downtown Dallas to the south of McKinney Uptown.

    The West Village is where you’ll find the best in shopping, cuisine and entertainment. It’s a mere walking distance away from McKinney uptown apartments Spectacular Downtown Views.

    Enjoy the ride around downtown Dallas with the Trolley Access that can take you to a number of exciting and famous landmarks within the vicinity of McKinney uptown apartments Spectacular Downtown Views. You will marvel at the spectacular downtown urban landscapes. 

    Corporate business based residents look for quality of the apartments as well as the quality of the environment which is a major factor for residents to stay at McKinney uptown apartments Spectacular Downtown Views who have stayed at upscale apartment complexes like McKinney uptown apartments are either on official business for the private or government sectors, and, or are in Texas for study and research, or foreign tourists who are purely on travel and tour. 

    It’s grand façade of rectangular architectural structure of warm light red bricks combined with high rise white and chocolate brown painted buildings is classic urban in design, marked by sharp angular formations and walls elaborately embedded by six glass pane windows that add attraction and break the monotony of continuous surface solid appearance.

    The 23 types of unique floor plan apartments are constructed around a spacious open space swimming pool in the middle of the complex, at the third floor, in a 9-floor high rise structure, characterized by a luxurious homely elegance, reflecting a small town Texas ambience in an ultra modern urban setting.


    Enjoy the McKinney uptown apartments Spectacular Downtown Views in Dallas Texas. Discover and enjoy too the apartment amenities that can only be described as lavish.

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